Are You Curious?

Here’s an Animoto video that Eileen Patrick created of the unveiling of this year’s ‘On The Same Page’ title on Saturday morning at Taste of Louisville. Mayor Bob Muckle was there to unveil the poster and the marimba band in the background provided a great drumroll. Aimee’s son, Benjamin, provided expert help with banner wrangling.

Thanks to Mayor Muckle, Louisville Library Board President Jeannie Schuman, Lafayette Library Board President Susan Kintzle, Lafayette Friends President Donna Parsons, Eileen Patrick, Aimee Schumm and Benjamin for their support on Saturday. Special thanks to Louise Garrels of Impact on Education for creating the poster!

Three heroic groups are supplying 100% of the funding for ‘On The Same Page’ this year: the Louisville Library Foundation, the Lafayette Friends, and the Town of Superior.

60 Minute Segment on Autism and Apps

Check out this segment from 60 Minutes that shows how apps and iPads are significantly changing the way autistic people are able to communicate

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